Children Charity Mission

Children are promising ones of tomorrow's world. PESPCT cares the budding children to get trained through the Charity Mission by conducting various programmes to improve their educational and scientific ideas.

  • Center for Academic Excellence, Training and Research Labs

    Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust (PESPCT)has 4 centres which includes The Centre for Academic Excellence, Centre for Training and Development, Centre for Research lab and Centre for Astrological Research.

    PESPCT is desirous of conducting Programmes which includes National Conferences, International Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Faculty Development and Training Programmes, Research Programmes, National Summits, Academic support Programmes, Non-formal Education Programmes etc.,

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  • mission
  • Pranavam Publications

    Pranavam Publications under the aegis of Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust (PESPCT) have 4 International Journals which includes UGC Aprroved and Indexed Journals.

    Pranavam Publications is aiming to disemminate information to the entire Community of this world with the objective of enhancing Knowledge, Education, Scientific Learning, and Research via quality Journals, Books, Magazines and related materials in the field of Engineering, Science, Management and Medicine. It seeks and ensures innovative methods to improve the quality of publications. We believe in delivering the utmost quality content at reasonable prices with royalties.

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What People Say About Us

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