Centre for Astrological Research

The Centre for Astrological Research (CAR) aims to disseminate and augment the eminence in Astrological through scientific methods.

The Centre for Astrological Research (CAR) was started by Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust is dedicated to advancing astrological education and research, promoting high standards of ethics and competence, and sponsoring the exchange of ideas among astrologers worldwide. CAR is an autonomous body empowered by PESPCT that takes care of the day-to-day operations which include the conduct of Short-term courses through hassle-free procedures and affordable fees.

The Centre for Astrological Research (CAR)

Objectives are:

  Personality Development and Career Management through Astrology and the principal of Ancient Research of Sciences.

  Life Style Management to educate people about Astrology, with a new perspective for self-development.

  Mining of hidden astrological values and thoughts through extensive research.

  Protecting the values and tradition through Astrological predictions

Centre for Astrological Research is a concept of providing guidance, understanding, and path-finding, for common individuals to keep them abreast, with South Indian Astrological concepts and its mysterious influences on human life and day to day events, as they affect them.

Why Astrological Research?

  Astrology is not only an instrument to explore the secrets of Cosmic influences, but is an addition to building personality. It is, in fact, a behavioral approach to understand, the cause and effect relationship, which produce the life events. It is a process of path-finding, in face of the challenges presented by the Zodiac and Cosmic influences as well as also finding the way out, from the crisis or obstacles in life.

  CAR provides a practical understanding of Astrology and its application to finding remedies to most of our problems related to Education, Professional Career, Health as well as Physical and Mental well being.

  It has been discovered, that the ‘Human Life Cycle’, is influenced and governed by three factors: Individual’s Natural Programming, Body and Environment. Individual Natural programming is an In-Built phenomenon.

  Life and its projection are basically governed by the Cosmic influences. The impact of the Solar-Planetary System does not cause events to occur in life as largely assumed. In reality, it only influences and impacts the Body’s Biological Clock and it does not govern the Fate of human beings, which is the outcome of his Karmas. It keeps on changing for the good or the bad, depending on his deeds and actions as well as the quality of life, which he seeks to leave. It may influence the mindset of the individual and his attitude towards the life of the events, however, it does not shape his initiative, perseverance, and commitment. He has to cultivate these values only by practicing it.

  The results in the life cycle, varies according to the planning, effort, and interaction of the physical body with the environment, depending upon the kind of response or reaction which the individual reflects and quality of efforts which he makes in this context. It could have either a positive or negative manifestation. A balanced body inspires, a positive manifestation while an imbalanced body, induces a negative interaction. Thus the outcome varies in its parameters.

  These findings established the fact that we can always regulate our choices and results of events in life, by understanding the nature of Cosmic influences and by making an appropriate adjustment in our lifestyle, as well as our positive tuning with forces of nature.

Name of the Centre: The Centre for Astrological Research (CAR) - Run under the patronage of Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust.

Established Year: 2018

Type of the body: Self Supporting Scheme - Funded by PESPCT. The centre is governed by a trust and by-laws of trust.

ISO: The organization is registered with ISO 9001:2015 valid till 2021.

Campus: The Centre for Academic Excellence conducts classes at Mugappair and Anna Nagar.

Approving Body: The Centre for Academic Excellence (CAE) runs with the support of PESPCT. The Certificates and Diplomas are given under the title of "The Centre for Astrological Research (CAR)" powered by PESPCT.

Affiliation: Not applicable (Short Term Certificate and Diploma Courses only)

Mode of Programme: Part-time (Saturdays, Sundays and optional working days)

Timings: Flexible timings (Between 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m)

Method of Admission: First Cum First Serve basis (Maximum - 10 seats per programmes). However, the Trust can increase or decrease the number of seats based on the nature and availability of staff and students for the concerned programmes.

Duration of Programme:

  Diploma Programmes: 3 months

  Certificate Programme: 1 month

Benefits from the courses:

  To understand the Basic Astrology

  To acquainted with the rudiments of Astrological research

  To become a practicing Astrologer.

Other Factors:

  Astrology can benefit the researchers also by predicting optimum time for new inventions.

  Astrology is able forecasting the time of a researcher when he or she will come into the limelight with popularity for new inventions.

  Indian astrology can save us from loss or forfeit of money in business investment by pointing out the most befitting time for the purpose.

  An investment made on an auspicious day always pays a steady dividend as cannot ignore astrological benefit in the sphere of business and investment.

  Indian astrology can help us launch a successful space mission with an assurance of safety from the unnecessary loss of life and money.

  Indian astrology science could help us to augment agricultural production with the assurance that the crops will never be spoiled either by pests or by natural calamities etc.,

Full address of the Centre: The Centre for Astrological Research (CAR) - Under the patronage of Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust ( An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Trust)

Reg. Office: J-1963, 3rd Street, 15th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600 040. Tamil Nadu, India.

Contact : 91-98844 48821. E-Mail: drmrajaram@yahoo.com