Centre for Training & Development

General Training and Development Activities

Centre for Training & Development (CTD) as a capacity building institution have been established to ensure that the skill needs for every sector are identified and that training is available to provide for these skill needs to public and private organizations, Colleges, Schools, agencies NGOs, and corporate bodies.

Our training programmes are structured around present human capital training demand, an anticipation of the future needs and we share a passionate belief in the power of effective knowledge and skills transfer to optimize an organization's intellectual capital.

Training takes place at our training centre, our state-of-the-art facility, using new computer-assisted learning programmes and progressive teaching methods are just some of the reasons that the training centre enjoys a reputation as one of the most advanced training centre in Chennai.

Our course materials are supported by a variety of Formative and Summative assessment activities ensuring that once a learner completes training programmes they possess not only knowledge but also the transferable skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Academicians / Corporate and Customized Training

Pranavam is proud to offer quality learning at an affordable fee. Our faculty members and training consultants are highly competent with diversified expertise and backgrounds.

Let us help you assess your learning needs and determine the optimal training path for your Varsity/College/Company/organization. We will work together to provide your staff members with the knowledge and competencies necessary to excel.

Training the Trainers

This is a special training course offered for the faculties by conducting faculty development programmes in their colleges thereby enhancing their pedagogic skills and make them more knowledgeable to face the latest trends in Science and Technology

Our training activities is offered in English and Tamil in our own classrooms or online.

The Centre for Training & Development (CTD) strongly believes in recruiting, developing and challenging talented employees. A wide range of training and coaching is designed specifically for teaching Professional and support staff. For PhD students, we have made an attractive training program.

The Centre for Training and Development (CTD) Activities under the aegis of Pranavam Educational & Scientific Public Charitable Trust conducts the following programmes every year. The details are floated in the Trust site as well separate sites are floated for the concerned programmes. The following training programmes are conducted by CTD.

Training Programmes

  National Conference - Twice a year

  International Conference - Twice a year

  Workshop - Based on the requirement from Institutions/companies

  Seminars - Based on the requirement from Institutions/companies

  Faculty Development Programmes - Minimum 2 Programmes by CTD & Based on the requirement from Institutions/companies

  Short-Term Job Oriented Programmes - Based on the requirement from Institutions

  Manpower Training Programmes - Based on the requirement from Institutions

  Placement Training Programmes - Based on the requirement from Institutions

  Interview Training Programmes - Based on the requirement from Institutions

  Curriculum-Based Training Programmes - Open for all

The above training programmes are not limited to CTD. However, if the trust decides to conduct various other programmes it can decide during the Executive Board Member and Trustees meet to add programmes by passing a resolution as then required.

Interested Institution / Companies can email us to drmrajaram@yahoo.com